The Fusion show covers everything about the Northwest home that makes it special. Each week we bring you great stories that feature local cooking tips and techniques from local chefs, easy to do home projects, and step by step style instructions to make your home a showcase.

Fusion is a blending of everything ‘Northwest’.

This week we found ourselves at the Standard TV and Appliance store (503-619-0500) in Beaverton for the start of the show. It is great with over a dozen demonstration kitchens for people to look at. If you are looking for a new appliance, check this place out.

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Displaying Your Collectables

A lot of people are collectors. Whether it is rare and unusual items or favorites from your childhood, you are proud of what you’ve acquired. But you may be afraid of displaying these treasures because of the danger of damaging them. Gary Germer from Gary Germer and Associates (503-235-0946) joined us to tell us how you can show off your treasures without damaging them. Gary told us about the 3 top tips he has for protecting your collectables. First, consider the lighting conditions. Light, even in small amounts can damage your valuables. Using the correct light can help you show off these items without fading the colors. Second, beware of humidity and other airborne pollutants. Moisture can cause molds and mildew which can destroy items. Also, fumes and odors from cooling and other activities can also compromise your collectables. Third, Watch for Critters!!! This could mean insects, moths and in extreme cases, children. Displaying items in a protected area, like a curio cabinet, will ensure that your prized positions remain ‘prized’. Gary then took us to a military display. Many people wait until a loved one is gone before they bring out memorabilia. Display it now, before they are gone so you can enjoy their past triumphs while they can enjoy it. Finally, collect what you enjoy. Have fun collecting items, show them off, be proud, and as Yoda would say ‘May the force be with you’…

Refreshing Your Cushions

If you are looking to change the look of your deck or patio furniture it is easy to do with a quick and simple change. Just replace your cushions on the furniture. It is easy and inexpensive. You can find replacement cushions at many local furniture and variety stores. We found a huge selection at the Al’s Garden Center (503-726-1162) in Sherwood. When you go looking for new cushions look for ones that are water resistant and UV protected. Get a couple of different patterns and then you can have 2 or 3 different looks all summer long.


Easy Healthy Pasta

Creating a delicious healthy dinner for your family is not that hard. Chef Eric Nelson from Vitality at Wellspring (971-983-5280) made a whole wheat spinach pasta in just a few minutes for us. This pasta is easy to make with just five ingredients. We also found out how to make a quick spinach powder for your pasta. You can just get some fresh spinach leaves and let them dry under low heat in your oven and then run them through your coffee grinder or a food processor. To see the whole recipe click here, ‘Whole Wheat Spinach Pasta’. Then once you are done you can try your new pasta in this quick and easy dinner. See the video here.

Chef Eric works at Vitality at Wellspring in Woodburn. The name “Vitality” itself means the power to survive and the capacity to live, grow or develop, which perfectly reflects their menu philosophy and attitude towards food as it contributes to living a healthy lifestyle. Their menu is designed for diners with wellness in mind. Over half the menu is prepared with no added fat, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste fantastic. In fact, most diners at Vitality don’t know what they’re missing.

Northwest Cioppino

The Northwest is known for lots of things; beautiful outdoor scenery, clean air and fresh and tasty produce. We stopped by the Stone Cliff Inn (503-631-7900) and met with Chef James Keeney to learn how he uses some great local ingredients (including seafood) to make a cioppino with a Northwest twist. This recipe has a little bit of prep before you fire up the stove. You will want to cut up your vegetables, clean your seafood and organize your ingredients first. Once you have everything ready it will only take about 10 minutes to cook everything. To see how quickly it can go together check out the video. If you don’t want to tackle this recipe (or you want to compare your recipe) feel free to stop at the scenic Stone Cliff Inn. Once you are there, see if you can recognize the scenes at the restaurant that appeared in the recent ‘Twilight’ movie. Even one of their employees appeared in the movie (see if you can guess who the star is!). You can find Stone Cliff Inn along with many other great local restaurants at DOITNW.com.

Peeler Tools

What is the difference between and kitchen tool and a kitchen gadget? To find out we visited with Nancy Chinn a local cooking consultant to learn the difference. She told us that a gadget is something you may use in your kitchen once a year. The tool is something you use everyday. She found some cool kitchen peelers (tools) from Pampered Chef, that she wanted to share. The first was a serrated peeler that tackles the tough skins of apples and carrots with no problem. The serration on the blade really made quick work of the tough skin. Next we got creative with a julienne peeler. This one cuts vegetables like carrots or zucchini into long strands for great garnish and a tasty addition to any dish. Add these ‘tools’ to your kitchen and impress everyone at your next meal.

Weather Stripping

The cold days are still around and if you are looking for a quick fix for cold drafts and other ‘heat’ leaks in your house, weather stripping may be your answer. Chris Erskine from Parr Lumber (503-531-7277) met with us to walk us through the steps for applying a simple weather stripping to your doors and windows. If you have an older door you will want to close the door and run the stripping along the sides and top of the door, making sure that there are no gaps between the door and the foam. You can also install a door sweep at the base of the door to complete the job and cut the heat loss under the door. If you have a newer door you may just need to replace the old, worn out tubing in the frame around the door. If you have questions, take a piece to Parr or your local hardware store.

Your windows can also use a little help. Newer windows are pretty well built, but you can still look for cracks in the weather stripping or the seal around the window. Older windows can also use a quick fix with the foam stripping. Pick up a pack at your local Parr store and simply follow the instructions on the package.

The 10 Basic Tools

This segment started out as the 10 basic tools for ladies but we found out this list is good for any do-it-yourselfer. Chris Erskine joined us at the Parr (503-531-7277) store in Hillsboro to cover these ‘must have’ tools. First we started with gloves. A good set of gloves will protect your hands from getting hurt and it will also help keep them clean. Next we found a tape measure. You will need one that can extend without folding. The one we saw also has fractional measurements on the tape so there is no guesswork when you are measuring. The third tool was a hammer. Chris recommended a medium weight hammer (so you don’t get tired) with a smooth head. The ones with a scored face are for framing and they will leave marks on your wall or trim if you are doing finishing work. Tool #4 was a channel lock pliers. This is an adjustable pliers and it is good for nuts, bolts and even plumbing fixtures. Number 5 is a needle nose plier. This is a small narrow nose plier that is good for tight places and fine work like fixing jewelry.

The 6th tool was a 15-in-one screwdriver. A multiple head tool like this is good for dealing with any style of screw that you may encounter in your home and everything is right in your hand! The next tool was a utility knife. This will help you cut anything from fine wires to sheetrock. Make sure you get one with a retracting, replaceable blade. A level is next and is a must if you want things straight. Have you ever hung a picture and wished you had one of these? Safety is important and that is why we included goggles and a dust mask. What good is a project if you injure yourself and can’t enjoy it? Finally, you will want a good tool box or carrier to put all these tools in. A good carrier will protect your tool investment and it also makes sure they are in one place when you need them.


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