The weather is getting warmer, and even if you are tempted to head outside there are still a ton of projects for the homeowner to tackle inside the house. We are looking at some of those in the coming weeks, but this week get ready for more fun stories from the kitchen, bedroom and all around the house. Also, we wanted to let you know that effective on May 9th, we will be moving to 8:00am on KOIN-6 in Portland. The time change will mean you will be able to get a little more sleep on Saturdays and still be able to learn how to make your home a showcase! Thanks for watching!


Window Coverings

Picking the right window covering can be a very tough job with all the choices out there. We were joined by our friend Amy Troute (503-805-0811) from ‘design for home’ to try to take some of the confusion out of the process. She introduced us to the people at Premiere Window Coverings (503-533-0922). They have a ton of different examples to choose from. First of all you have to decide what function you want from your coverings. Do you want shades or drapes for light control, energy conservation, or privacy? Then you have to look at the style of covering and how it works with the type of window you have. Will a crank window interfere with the shade? Do you have high ceilings… the list goes on. The type of covering can also help you save some money too. There are many styles that are designed to minimize heat transfer. Now, if you are narrowing down your choice, don’t forget to take color into consideration. A warm color can cast a warm glow into your home and a cooler color can set a different mood. The prices can be very cheap or very expensive (especially with the remote control ones that Ken loved). So check out all the choices at Premiere Window Coverings or contact Amy to help walk you through it.

Kids' Room Design

Making your kids' room a special place doesn’t require a ton of money. Sometimes it just takes a little imagination and some shopping to get a room that can be creative and fun! We were Diane Martin a designer who works with Riverside Homes (503-645-0986) to help stage homes. She took us to a room that she had done in a pirate motif. The first tip Diane gave us was to determine a budget. This will help you stay focused and may drive you to be more creative. She actually found a bunch of the decorative materials at local store like Sears and Ikea. Next you will want to figure out a theme. This is the main area where you will need the input of your children. Also, don’t forget to try and incorporate the theme in the other pieces of furniture in the room, and then try to ‘live’ the theme as you build the room, for Diane that meant wearing an eye patch as she worked. That makes the whole job more fun! You can see some of Diane’s work in the model homes in Riverside neighborhoods and contact her through Riverside Homes.


Cutting Boards

One of the most used and most over looked tools in the kitchen is the cutting board. Most of the food you prepare in your kitchen comes in contact with a cutting board and your choice of a board can make your meal prep go easier. Once again, we were joined by Laura at Sur La Table (503-968-8015) who walked us through the differences in boards and why one may be better than others for your needs. Laura was partial to a basic maple cutting board. This one is good because the wood has natural anti-bacterial properties, but it requires a little more maintenance than other types. Maple will need to be treated with a mineral oil to keep the wood fresh and not have it dry out. Do not use a bleach to clean it, just basic soap and water. The next one we saw was made out of a type of particle board and it was dishwasher safe. We moved to some vinyl cutting boards that had pictures of meat, veggies, chicken and fish. These are good for people who may be concerned about cross-contamination while they are cooking. Finally we looked at the new hot product, bamboo. This type of cutting board also has natural anti-bacterial properties too and it is sustainably grown. It will also need a little mineral oil to keep it looking good. Our last items were about keeping your knives good and sharp. The use of a cutting board can dull your knives and so you need to keep a knife sharpener close-by and use it at least once every 6 months . To learn more about knives, cutting boards or any other kitchen tools, stop by the closest Sur La Table.

Kitchen Herbs

There is nothing like the flavor of fresh garden herbs in your best dishes. A twig of this, a sprig of that, and your meal has more zest and zing. We stopped by Drake's 7 Dees (503-256-2223) to learn about growing herbs inn your kitchen from Lynn. First, the choice of herb is important. Some herbs do better outside and others are perfect for indoor use. Lynn recommended using Italian parsley, peppermint and thyme. She also told us that basil was a good indoor herb that you will find many uses for. The important thing is to remember the growing conditions that are required by each plant, mainly enough sunlight and enough water.


Wine Tools

The Northwest is known for the large number of great local wineries. People in the Northwest have become experts in fine wine, but it is hard to enjoy the wine if you are trying to get into the bottle. Instead of wrestling with the bottle we found some tools at Sur La Table (503-968-8015) that will make your enjoyment of local wines much easier. The first we found was a foil cutter. This will get rid of the pesky foil top to the wine! Next we found a wine opener that is the next step in cork removal. The Peugeot opener from Williams-Sonoma is a battery operated opener that can be recharged. Simply put it on top of the bottle and push a bottle, once the cork is removed simply reverse the button to get the cork out. Very cool. We also saw the Schott Zwiesel wine glass which is break-resistant because it is made from titanium. Finally, for our red wine lovers that can’t wait for their wine to ‘breathe’ we found the Vinturi Wine Aerator which mixes air into the wine as you pour it so it has a better taste.

Basic Sauces – Barbeque Sauce

A couple of weeks ago we met with Chef David Musial who showed us how to make a good basic tomato sauce. This week we use that ‘base’ sauce to make a ‘kicker’ of a barbeque sauce. The tomato sauce that we made was pretty good and with just a couple of other ingredients we found that we can make a good all-purpose sauce. David used items like brown sugar, ketchup, dried chili and even a little beer. In just a few minutes we had a very delicious sauce that could be used for ribs or brisket. Print out your own copy of the recipe and try it for yourself.

Energy Efficient Windows

Did you know that you could be losing up to 40 percent of your heat energy out of your windows? Glenn Ziegler joined us from Milgard Windows (1-800-Milgard) to show us how they produce the most energy efficient windows on the market. These windows are produced in Tualatin and they can make over 4 million combinations of windows at the factory with all the different styles and materials they have. The manufacturing process that Milgard uses includes using a spacer that is extremely energy efficient. It helps prevent heat transfer between the panes of glass they use. Plus the glass is a ‘sun coat’ glass that blocks out solar heat gain. This type of glass also reduces the amount of UV rays coming through the glass which is better for you and your home furnishings. The best part is the quality of the work. The guarantee is the best in the business. Right now the federal government has some tax stimulus moneys available, so these windows are the most cost effective than they have ever been. To learn more you can learn more at a free Milgard seminar. Check with Milgard for the time and place of the next seminar.


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