Well summer is here and we are saying goodbye…  Fusion is leaving for the summer.  We have had a great time bringing you some wonderful stories and we are now looking at returning in the fall of 2009.  KOIN has been a great partner for us and we are looking forward to returning to channel 6 and CGN-7 for our next series of shows.  Before we fade into the sunset, here are some great stories for our final spring show!



The push for green has been the biggest trend in the home this year.  We stopped by Bed Bath and Beyond (503-624-9242) to learn more about all the different products that are on the market right now.  Chase showed us that there are a plethora of new products to help you get ‘clean and green’.  We started with the Meyer’s line of soaps and detergents.  These are bio-degradable and they smell great, like lemon verbena.  We then moved to the ‘Seventh Generation’ line of products.  The common line of thinking is that it takes 7 generations before the products we use are broken down by the environment.  These products are ‘free and clear’ of all chemicals that will cause that.  They should be gone in 1 generation.  We then moved to bamboo.  The bamboo products like spoon and cutting boards are made from renewable bamboo.   The cookware that Chase showed us next is green because of the way you use it.  It has a special ceramic coating that allows it to heat up quickly and not use a lot of sprays or oils.  The final product was the Poly-flax cutting boards.  These are made with recycled plastic and flax seed and after a couple of years you can call a special phone number and they will tell you where you can recycle it.  Bed, Bath and Beyond has a ton of stuff if you are looking to ‘go green’. 

Furniture for Kids and Pets

If you have kids and/or pets you may think you have to wait until they are gone before you can enjoy expensive, fancy furniture.  Esther Robertson from Ashley Furniture (503-496-4210) joined us to tell us that is not always true.  Esther started by showing us some poly-urethane, or vinyl, furniture.  This will take a beating and do well in the home. Next you want to look at the stitching.  Look for reinforced or baseball stitching.  That type of stitching will handle the wear and tear better.  You will also want to look for zippered cushions.  This will allow you to re-stuff the cushions when they get old and flat.  Leather is also an option for you, since it is tough and durable as well.  But what if you don’t want the ‘leather’ look?  We saw the latest in micro-fiber.  This is a wonderful woven fabric that can be easily cleaned with soap and water.  One more reminder… If you have pets you want to keep their nails and claws trimmed.  This will help preserve and extend the life of your furniture.    

Quick Tip – Thread Count

If you have ever been confused with thread count we stopped by Bed Bath and Beyond (503-624-9242) to learn more about it.  Thread count represents the number of threads per inch.  Generally, the higher the count, the more expensive the fabric.  This doesn’t mean that you get a better sheet by buying a higher thread count.  Chase told us about the ‘hand’ of the sheet, how it feels to you.  You might like the feel of a lower thread count sheet and that may be the right one for you.  In fact, some of the lower count sheets may feel better on your skin.  One more tip from Chase… a higher thread count could mean a hotter sheet.  The 1000 count sheet may make you retain heat and be more uncomfortable.  Interesting!  To find the right sheet for you check out the huge selection at Bed, Bath and Beyond.  

Garage Reorganizing

Spring and early summer is a good time to organize your garage.  Dan Lerma from the Container Store (503-620-5700) walked Robin through the steps for getting your garage in shape. The first step, sort through the stuff in your garage.  Get rid of the things you don’t use and give it away to charity.  This will help get you started and also help people who may need your stuff more than you do.  Then tackle one wall.  If you just start with one wall the job doesn’t become too big.  Organize similar stuff together and then mount it on your wall using a system like the Elfa system from the Container Store.  Sports items, garden tools, home repair tools can all be organized and labeled.  It may take you a bunch of weekends, but you will be happy when it is done.    

4th of July Grilling

It is almost the 4th of July and that means it is time to fire up the grill!  Jerry Yost from Gartner’s Meats (503-252-7801) invited us to his backyard to show us how easy it is to organize a holiday cookout.  Jerry pulled out the chicken and steak kabobs, and some twice baked potatoes to heat up on the grill.  While they were cooking he showed us the assortments of salads and breads that they also have for sale at the store.  And don’t forget the wide array of other meats you can try on the grill.  If you are looking to be the king of the party this coming holiday, stop by Gartner’s and let them do all the work!

Knife Tips

Chef Woody Bailey from Oregon Culinary Institute (1-888-OCI-CHEF) joined us to fill us in on knives.  Chef Woody is also the owner of Zen Blades so he knows his knives!  His first and most important tip for finding the right knife, get the one that FEELS right.  The second question, what WORKS best for you?  If you take these two factors into consideration you will have almost won the battle!  The first knife you should look at buying is a chef’s knife.  Don’t worry about the cost, as Woody said, this knife should last you a lifetime and it will make your time in the kitchen more enjoyable. Some other knives to consider; a bread knife, a boning knife, a cleaver and a paring knife.  Remember, don’t buy knives in a set, buy them individually, you will get a better set of knives that way.  If you have any more questions, give Zen Blades a call.  

Morlan Mirror Product

If you have a mirror that is looking beat up and chipped around the edges, we found a great product to fix that at George Morlan (503-224-7000).  The Mirrorscapes product from Moen (the faucet people) allows you to add a decorative edge around those chipped mirrors without a lot of time or money.  Dave Charvet showed us how easy it is to attach the grooves and then snap on the new edging around the mirror to give it that fancy and elegant look.  It takes a couple of minutes and you have a brand new look for your bathroom or bedroom.



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