Rain is not a bad thing.  It actually makes us slow down and reflect on the change of seasons.  I have spent part of this last week thinking about friends, family, the projects that I didn’t get done this summer and even a little bit about the upcoming holidays.  Of course, the snows in the mountains made me think about the hard winter last year and whether I was ready for the up-coming winter weather.  I guess we will have to do more stories on the show about preparing for the cold!


Tuesday Morning Table

The holidays are almost here and a lot of people are thinking about entertaining.  Of course creating the perfect atmosphere can get a tad bit expensive.  William from our sister program ‘Garden Time’ caught up with Ross Manning from Tuesday Morning (503-699-8954) to learn how to freshen up your holiday entertaining on a budget.  Tuesday Morning offers top quality merchandise at discounted prices.  Ross started by talking about using new recipes on your holiday table.  He featured a recipe book from Neiman Marcus and a DVD from Martha Stuart.  He then moved to the wine.  They also have a complete wine opening kit at a great price.  We then moved to the table.  Ross had his crew build 2 separate looks on one table.  Starting with the table runners and napkins, Ross moved through the chargers, plates, glasses, coasters and table decorations.  Almost everything on the table was under $15.  You can find all of these great products at any off the 12 Tuesday Morning stores in Oregon and SW Washington.  

Organizing your Bathroom

Counter space is at a premium in the home and that is especially true in the bathroom.  We asked Linda Gemal from Rejuvenate your Home (503-803-8000) to give us some tips on how to organize your bathroom cabinets.  Most people have quite a mess under their cabinets.  In the bathroom the clutter is really bad.  Organizing this space is tough; there are water pipes and drains to consider.  First, clean out the area you are trying to organize and then measure the space under the sink and find out what type of room you have to work with.  Take these measurements to the local home improvement or container store.  Look for someone that can point you in the right direction and help you make an efficient space.  Linda went to the Container Store and found a lot of fun and functional drawers and bins.  Linda picked out some trays that had rollers and were stackable.  She also picked out ones that were clear so she can see what are in the drawers without opening them.  Once she had them installed you can really see how much better the space is organized.  There is much more room for storage and it is much cleaner too.  What a great way to take control of your bathroom again.  

Reasons for Choosing a Designer

When a lot of people are looking at re-doing a space in their home or considering a home improvement they may think an interior designer is a luxury.  Actually, hiring a designer may save you money (and your sanity) in the long run.  Designer Kimberlee Jaynes talked to David about the main reasons for hiring a designer.  First of all they offer solutions.  Most designers have a wide range of experience and they have worked through a lot of the common problems that people face when they are looking at a project.  Providing solutions to these problems are easy for them.  They also know what to look for.  They make sure things are done right the first time.  You can’t always return the couch when you get it.  You have to also look at the space and figure out if things will fit.  Designers also have the contacts and means for getting into design centers where the newest products are displayed.  They also have working relationships with suppliers and can sometimes get discounts that you can’t find elsewhere.  They also can help with opposing tastes, especially between husbands and wives.  That is worth the price in itself!  Hiring a designer is just protecting your investment.  If you have any questions feel free to contact Kimberlee at Kimberlee Jaynes Interior Designs (503-407-9525).

Space Saving Kitchen Tools

It is time to take control of your kitchen.  Kitchen utensils can be big and bulky.  To learn more about saving some space we stopped by Sur La Table (503-968-8015).  Laura Bogert found some gadgets and tools that will save you lots of space in your kitchen.  The items she found are all collapsible utensils and are extremely durable.  First was a colander that was 14 inches wide and 7 inches tall.  This one had a silicone center and it was easily compressed into a 2 inch tall disc.  She also had a smaller one too.  The next piece was really cool!  It was a funnel made of the same material.  It squeezed down to a flat disc about 1 inch high.  Measuring cups can take up a lot of space in a drawer.  Laura had some that were also made of silicone that were extremely flat.  The best was saved for last.  Sur La Table had a collapsible salad spinner.  All of these silicone products are great and they are all dishwasher safe!

Making Pesto

The season is winding down but you can still create some tasty treats from your garden.  Chef David tackled a quick and easy basil pesto.  There are lots of different types of pesto, so check with your local garden center or grocery to see what style or flavor works best for you.  First you need to start with 2 cups of leaves.  Add them to your blender with a little bit of olive oil and start to puree them.  After a couple of minutes add some parmesan cheese, more oil, garlic and pine nuts (or walnuts).  Once you are done you can use it on bread as a spread, or even as a sauce for pasta or chicken.  If you would like to try making your own, you can get the recipe here.

Rain Gutter Covers

With the falls rains finally here you may be turning your attention to your roof and gutters.  Mike from Interstate Roofing (503-684-5611) joined us to fill us in on the different types of gutter guards and how effective they are.  It is important that you protect your roof and gutters because they prevent the rain from getting into your home and ruining your structure.  Mike started with a foam gutter filler.  This one is a product that lets the rain through, but keeps the leaves out.  The drawback to this one is the dirt and grime that builds up in the foam.  Mike has even seen plants growing in this dirt. He then walked through a bunch of different screen type guards.  The problem with these is that they also build up with dirt which plugs the screen.  Then the water either flows off the screen or backs up under your roof.  The next product has a bunch of channels in the guard.  This one still gets a ton of dirt and fir needles that will follow the path of the rain water and still get into your gutter, causing problems.  Finally we looked at the last one that they are currently testing at the main office.  This one is a pipe with slits in it that allows water to go in and blocks the leaves from entering.   The main problem is that they are not totally maintenance free.  It is hard to let the rain in and keep the leaves dirt and grime out without some type of occasional cleaning.  If you have any roofing questions, check with the experts at Interstate Roofing.

Sealing Your Deck

The winter weather is on the way, but you still have time to stain and seal your deck.  David took us through the steps on how you can do it.  First you have to clean your deck.  Don’t use a power washer unless you know what you are doing.  Using a power washer can create some real problems when you have it set too high.  The high pressure can ruin the wood on your deck.  Even composite decks can be damaged.  The best way to clean your deck is with an approved cleaning product.  Two that work well are the E-Z Deck Wash from Armor All and a product from Sun Frog.  You put this product down and use a good scrub brush to clean the dirt off the deck.  Next you will want to get down and run your hands over the deck and check for exposed nails or screws.  These will need to be driven in again or replaced.  While you are hand checking the deck, look for worn, rotten or damaged boards.  These will need to be replaced.  Finally, once the deck is dry, you can start to apply the stain or sealer.  We used an oil based sealer from Penofin.  This type of product is best applied during a warm (between 50-70 degrees), but not hot, day.  You will also want to let it set for 20 minutes before you check it for good coverage.  Also, the weather will need to be dry for a couple of days for the product to penetrate the wood.  If you have any questions about choosing the right product for your application contact the experts at Parr Lumber (503-531-7277).  

Quick tip – Zone Heating

This week’s tip will help you save some money and still remain comfortable in your home this fall and winter.  Jenna from NW Natural told us about ‘zone heating’.  What ‘zone heating’ means is that you only heat the areas where you are living and lowering the heat in areas that you are not using.  First, close down the vents in those seldom used rooms, then close the doors to those rooms.  Finally, check to see if the air intakes are open and unblocked.  This will make sure that your furnace is running efficiently.  For more tips on saving money and energy check out the NW Natural website. 



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