Well, we have come to the end of the fall season of Fusion.  It has been a wild ride since we started the show this past spring.  We had a change in hosts, a change in times and a change in seasons.  The good news is that we will be returning in the spring of 2010.  Robin and David will, once again, be bringing you the best in home improvement, home décor and cooking stories on March 6th of next year.   Enjoy this week’s show and we will see you soon!


Big Design without Breaking the Bank

How can you change the look of your home without spending a lot of money?  To get some tips we caught up with Kimberlee Jaynes of Kimberlee Jaynes Interior Designs (503-407-9525).  A couple of her ideas included replacing your lamps, reupholstering a chair; or picking out some new end tables.  A combination of any of these will get you on your way.  One other tip that she was able to show us wss how to reframe those mirrors in your bedroom or bathroom.  With a new frame you can go with an accent color or make a bold statement with a striking pattern or color choice.  You can also look at tying in the architecture of your home with some wood-trim frames. 

Aloha Window Coverings

With the cold weather arriving you may be looking to save energy and money around your home.  Did you know that one of the areas where you could be losing the most energy is through your windows?  Choosing a good window covering is important, not only for the ‘look’ of your home, but also to save some money as well.  Owner Kimo Dejon of Aloha Blinds and Designs (888-553-3566) joined Robin to show her some of the newest and most energy efficient blinds that are available on the market right now.  Aloha is a local company that has become an award winning supplier of window coverings.  One of the most efficient of the newer blinds is the honeycomb cellular style of blinds.  These can be modified to fit any type of window or door, including sliding doors.  They are so well designed that they will pay for themselves in 18 months to 2 years with the money they save in heating and cooling your home.  They also carry other types of blinds like the Vienna Shear which is very beautiful, but not quite as energy efficient as the honeycomb cellular style.  The newer blinds are also very easy to clean, just use a vacuum with a brush attachment a couple times a year to keep them clean.  We even checked out the vertical blinds they had on display that had a texture to them.  These were only one of 165 different styles they had to choose from. 

Terra Casa Furniture and Mirrors

You can really make a statement in decorating your home by just changing a couple of large pieces of your décor.  We stopped by Terra Casa (503-577-8242) to check in with Linda to see what she would recommend to make a bold change.  Linda started out by showing us their large hurricane style lamps that she filled with ornaments, spheres, and other decorative items.  Linda also showed us some of the different types of chairs they had and how much of a splash you can make by changing the upholstery fabric.  Finally, we were able to see the Wall-igraphy product.  This product allows you to rub-on these sayings and designs to make a huge impact on your decorating.  Check out all the great decorating products and ideas at Terra Casa, just 6 minutes east of I-205 in Damascus.

Mini Pizza Appetizers

The holidays are here and that means a house full of people at one time or another.  You don’t want to spend most of your time in the kitchen preparing food while your guests are visiting so we stopped by Reser’s Fine Foods (to check out a quick and easy appetizer recipe with Chef Barbara Jordan.  Chef Barb has been working with the other chefs at Reser’s to come up with a bunch of great holiday appetizer recipes using their Stonemill Kitchens line of premium dips.  Chef Barb decided to show us one of the easiest to make with a white pizza recipe.  She picked out some pre-made pizza skins (Boboli is a popular brand), some precooked chicken (or leftover turkey) and some Stonemill Kitchen artichoke and jalapeno dip.  Just spread a small amount of the dip on the pizza skin and add the small pieces of chicken.  Put it in a 450 degree over for between 5-10 minutes and it is done.  You can add a little finely cut basil once the pizza cools down.  If you would like to see this recipe and more like it you can check out the Reser’s or Stonemill Kitchens websites, then sit back and relax and enjoy the holidays.      

Micro-plane Grater

We found a neat little kitchen tool that would be a great tool for any cook.  It is a Micro-plane grater, also called a zester.  This tool can be used for lots of different jobs in the kitchen.  David used it to make some fine-grated parmesan cheese, perfect for a pasta dinner or other Italian dish.  Robin showed us how you can use it to get lemon zest from a lemon for cooking and flavoring.  You can find it at any fine kitchen store.


Mood Foods

The holidays mean food for most families.  There are lots of cooked treats to eat, but did you know that what you eat can affect your mood during this holiday season?  National author, Elizabeth Somer, joined us to tell us how to ‘Eat Your Way to Happiness’, based on her new book.  Changing your mood can start with breakfast.  Elizabeth recommends her 1-2-3 breakfast which includes starting with a whole grain cereal, a protein like milk to regulate your blood sugars, and a serving of a colorful fruit or vegetable.  Next, lunch!  Keep your lunch light, heavy meals turn on a chemical in your brain that may cause you to eat more for the rest of the day.  Once again, a light sandwich, bowl of fruit and a glass of milk will do the trick.  Finally we looked at dinner.  Elizabeth had a piece of salmon which is high in Omega-3’s, an anti-oxidant, specifically the anti-oxidant DHA.  DHA is a known mood booster and you can increase your mood by over 50 percent.  You are looking for at least 2 servings a week to increase that DHA in your system.  Some other types of foods to boost your mood include tomatoes, watermelon, strawberries and even wheat germ.  Some foods to avoid include coffee, sodas, fast foods and processed foods.  Some treats that you can enjoy include dark chocolate, green tea and red wines.  Check out the website http:\\eatyourwaytohappiness.com to take a quiz to find out how well you are eating your way to happiness.

Quick Tip – Garlic Clove

Our quick tip this week deals with garlic cloves.  Some recipes call for using a garlic clove.  But how do you pick the right size?  Chef David showed us how you can pick the right one for your cooking.  A couple of things to remember, how much garlic do you like?  Also, is it cooked garlic or a raw garlic?  A cooked garlic clove is going to be a lot sweeter than a raw one so you may want to use more if you are cooking.   Remember, you can always add more garlic to your recipe, but you can’t take it out.

Masters of the Vine Wrap-Up

To finish off our first season of Fusion we returned to Master’s of the Vine (503-557-9463) to celebrate with Chef Frank Enrico.  Chef Frank and Owner Joel invited us back for a wonderful meal that included a pan-seared scallop appetizer, a lobster ravioli and a wonderful lamb shank with homemade polenta.  We also topped it off with a wonderful wine.  That is one of the benefits of the Masters of the Vine restaurant; they have a great wine selection at grocery store prices and if you like the wine you can buy a bottle to take home.  You can also try small samples of the different wines before you buy them.  We would like to thank the crew at the restaurant for having us finish our season there and we would recommend you stop by and see them for yourself.

Top Load vs. Front Load

The top-load vs. the front-load washer.  It has become a big question for people who are looking for a new appliance.  Energy efficient appliances have come a long way in the past few years and washers are no exception.  We caught up with John Toohey at Standard TV and Appliance (503-619-0500) to learn more about the newest in the 2 different styles and the pros and cons of each.  For energy efficiency the front loaders are the winner.  They can use less than half of the water than a top loader and even less detergent, plus they can get your clothes even cleaner than the top loading machine.  These machines can also pay themselves off much faster with all the tax benefits and manufacturer rebates.  For all the details, stop by any of the Standard TV and Appliance locations around Oregon.



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