Welcome to the new season of Fusion! We are so happy to return to TV with a full season of great ‘home’ information for our viewers. You can tune in each week to get some wonderful home improvement, cooking and decorating tips to make your home a showcase! We have expanded the show to 4 markets in the Northwest including KOIN in Portland, KEVU in Eugene, KWVT in Salem and CGN in the Columbia River Gorge.

Paint Goobers

Our quick tip this week is one that will help you get rid of the fuzzies on your paint roller to keep them off your wall when you paint. Jamie joined us from Sherwin-Williams to show us how a little bit of painter’s tape can clean up your roller. Just step on the tape, roll it out and run the roller over the sticky part of the tape. This will collect the fuzzies and you are good to go to finish your paint job.


Pick a Color

Picking the right color for a room can be a daunting task. The right color can be the key to a successful room design. Amy Troute from ‘design for home’ (503-805-0811) walked David through some of the rules for picking colors at the Sherwin Williams (503-222-1200) in the Pearl, and some common mistakes. Mistake #1 in choosing a color is not taking the whole room into consideration during the process. There are a number of elements in a room that go into creating a ‘look’ and you need to look at all of them. That leads into mistake #2, don’t use small paint samples. Small paint chips can never give you the right impression of the final color. Paint a large piece of cardboard to give yourself a good visual of the color and how it will look. Mistake #3, don’t get frustrated and give up. Amy called this the ‘give up and go beige’ syndrome. But even choosing a neutral color like beige still can create a huge number of choices. Instead of getting frustrated at the paint store, you should look at a full range of colors and then pick out colors that you are drawn to. This means that you will start out with a group of colors that you already like. One other design tip… look at possibly using more than one color in a room. Paint different colors on different walls to make a statement. If even this seems tough you can always give Amy a call to walk you through it!

Lemon Zest

Looking to add a little zest to your recipes? It is easy to do with some great kitchen tools from Pampered Chef. Nancy Chinn (503-679-6922) joined David in the kitchen to show him 3 different tools that you can use to spice things up! First was the Microplane zester. This zester will not scrap your knuckles when you use it. It lies flat for use. It also has a handle to stand up and even has a guide so you can do smaller pieces of cheese and spices. Another tip for the zester; put a piece of plastic wrap on the back of your zester and you will be able to save every little piece of peel for your recipe. The Citrus Press was the next tool we looked at. You can use this one to get the most juice out of your lemons and limes with just a squeeze. A tip for preparing a lime or lemon to get the most juice; roll it on the counter to soften it up or microwave it for about 15 seconds to help the juice flow. Finally, we checked out the kitchen shears. Nancy showed us how to use the shears to cut up cilantro in a bowl so you don’t make a mess when you are cutting it up. Nancy then showed us an extra little tool for the kitchen, a lemonade pitcher. Actually this pitcher is quite unique. It has a plunger that allows you to mix the fresh lemon slices so you get the most juice out of your fruit and into your lemonade. For more information on these and other great kitchen tools give Nancy a call.

Cutting a Potato

If you are looking to make fresh cut potatoes you may have run into a problem with slicing due to the round shape of it. Chef David showed us how easy it is to cut once you know a few tricks. First, cut of a small slice on one side. This will allow you to have a flat surface on one side and it becomes more stable to slice. From here you can make scalloped potatoes by cutting off rounds, or you can slice long planks that can then be sliced into long French (or steak) fries. Then you can also cut these down even more by dicing them for a southern style hashbrown!


Easy Healthy Pasta

Creating a delicious healthy dinner for your family is not that hard. Chef Eric Nelson from Vitality at Wellspring (971-983-5280) made a whole wheat spinach pasta in just a few minutes for us. This pasta is easy to make with just five ingredients. We also found out how to make a quick spinach powder for your pasta. You can just get some fresh spinach leaves and let them dry under low heat in your oven and then run them through your coffee grinder or a food processor. To see the whole recipe click here, ‘Whole Wheat Spinach Pasta’. Then once you are done you can try your new pasta in this quick and easy dinner. See the video here.

Chef Eric works at Vitality at Wellspring in Woodburn. The name “Vitality” itself means the power to survive and the capacity to live, grow or develop, which perfectly reflects their menu philosophy and attitude towards food as it contributes to living a healthy lifestyle. Their menu is designed for diners with wellness in mind. Over half the menu is prepared with no added fat, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t taste fantastic. In fact, most diners at Vitality don’t know what they’re missing.


Easy Tomato Sauce

Creating a good sauce can make all the difference in your recipes. A good sauce can mask a dish or it can bring out a fuller flavor for whatever you are cooking. Chef David Musial joined Robin at the demonstration kitchens at Standard TV and Appliance in Beaverton (503-619-0500) to show us how to make a good basic tomato sauce. This sauce can stand on its own or you can use as a base to make a variety of different sauces. This one combines carrots, celery, garlic, tomatoes, and onions to make a fantastic sauce! You can find the recipe here.


Parr Awning

With the cooler days of spring still ahead of us you may be thinking of how to enjoy your outdoor activities on your deck or patio without freezing or getting wet. All that outside fun may come to a halt when the weather is too over-powering. We stopped at Parr Lumber (503-531-7277) to visit with Chris to see what suggestions he had for beating the cold and wet. He recommended having a patio cover to extend your outdoor enjoyment. The experts at Parr can help you if you are looking to build a wood and fabric cover, but today we focused on the more popular and more permanent aluminum structure by SkyVue. These newer awnings can even be color matched to your deck or house color. They will even install them for you. Maintenance is a lot easier and you can keep it clean with just soap and water. These awnings can also help block harmful UV rays. If you are thinking of a patio cover or awning, check with the experts at Parr Lumber.



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