We are starting to enjoy the warmer days of spring. The Fusion crew has been moving a bit slower when that warm sun breaks through the clouds. It is hard to think about home projects when you are soaking in those rays after the long winter. Still, this is the perfect time to tackle those projects. We hope this week’s show gets you motivated to get out and get busy!

Choosing Art

If you are decorating your home or apartment you may be having some trouble picking the right art for the walls. We were joined at the 937 Condominiums in the Pearl District by Amy Troute of design for home (503-805-0811) to see how she chose the art for the condos there and get her tips for picking the right art for any room. Amy showed us how she designed around the painting ‘Cowgirl’ by Sidonie Caron. Amy had to take into account the wide windows along one wall and the starkness of the walls on the other side. It was a very complimentary piece to the overall retro design. If you have a piece of art that doesn’t fit in as well as the piece by Sidonie you may want to incorporate some of the same colors as the art into your other designs around the room. This will help tie it all together. If you are looking for art, find something that you love. Don’t just buy a piece based on its value (or what others would call an investment). You will be living with this art for a long time and you should enjoy it every time you walk into a room. A quality designer or gallery will work with you and your space to find a piece that will fit your tastes and your décor. And remember, the things in your room, the carpet, the furniture, the paint, are much more flexible and easily changed than some of the larger art you may find. If you are looking for some of the art that we featured in the story you will find these artists at Heidi McBride Gallery & Art Consultancy. The artists are Sidonie Caron, Nick Van Grainger, Gabe Fernandez, Therese Murdza, Ani Licia Thompkins, Michael Hensley, Molly Cliff Hilts and Eugenia Pardue. If you are interested in seeing the art for yourself, the 937 condominiums are having an open house on the weekend of April 17th. Stop by and check them out.

Refreshing Your Cushions

If you are looking to change the look of your deck or patio furniture it is easy to do with a quick and simple change. Just replace your cushions on the furniture. It is easy and inexpensive. You can find replacement cushions at many local furniture and variety stores. We found a huge selection at the Al’s Garden Center (503-726-1162) in Sherwood. When you go looking for new cushions look for ones that are water resistant and UV protected. Get a couple of different patterns and then you can have 2 or 3 different looks all summer long.

Naomi’s Fluorescent Lights

A lot of us are trying to do the right thing by replacing our incandescent bulbs with energy efficient compact fluorescent bulbs. But these bulbs can create some problems in your fixtures. Bea from Naomi’s Lampshades and Lamps (503-636-1884) told us about some of the concerns about these bulbs. The first problem that some people run into is the size of the bulb. Some of these new bulbs can be too big for the fixtures that you use them in. Bea recommended that you bring in your lamp and they can help you find the right size of harp to make it fit. The second concern is the color of light from the new bulbs. The color of the fluorescent bulb is a bluish color and it can change the whole look of your room. You may have designed the room with one color scheme and now it is totally different. If you are looking in a mirror in your bathroom, you may not like how it makes you look. Most women would prefer and ‘truer’ color light for applying makeup. The best tip is to take the bulbs to different areas in your home and try them out. If they work, then use them. If they don’t seem to add to the feel of a room or they seem out of place than don’t use them. If you have any questions you can always check with the experts at Naomi’s!

Venetian Seafood Fettuccini

There is a great little place in downtown Hillsboro that can offer you an entire evening of entertainment. The Venetian Theatre and Bistro (503-693-3953) has a restaurant, theatre and bar filled with great ambiance! We caught co-owner and chef Saxony Peterson in the kitchen and convinced her to share one of her favorite dishes, a seafood fettuccini. In this dish the prawns get top billing, but there is a lot of crab in there as well, which really gives the dish a boost of flavor. Saxony started on the cream sauce first, which took no time at all. While the sauce was reducing a little, she sautéed the prawns in a combination of butter, olive oil, garlic, white wine and lemon. It smelled so good! During this she prepared her pasta noodles. It all finished around the same time and came together in a bowl for a tasty and beautiful presentation. If you would like to try making this dish on your own, check out the recipe here. Better yet, stop by on the weekend and taste their version or one of the other wonderful dishes.

Venetian Cocktail

We finish off the show this week with a return to the Venetian Theatre and Bistro (503-693-3953) for an ‘after-show’ cocktail with Saxony Peterson. She decided to make us a Lemon and Mint Martini. This is one of their signature cocktails at the bistro. We start with a glass of ice and a few slices of lemon. She added a few mint leaves and then she muddled it together. She used a plastic glass so she didn’t have to worry about breakage. She then added lemon vodka, some triple sec, and a splash of ‘sweet and sour’. It is shaken and strained into a martini glass. If you would like to make your own, check out the recipe here.

Basic Plumbing Tools

Dealing with plumbing can be nerve wracking, but the real frustration comes with a plumbing emergency and not having the right tools to make a repair (or limit the damage). We found all the right tools at the parts department at George Morlan Plumbing (503-224-7000) and the always friendly Dave Charvet to teach us about them. The first tools in our bag of tricks were shut-off tools. If you have an emergency you will want to know where the water shut-off is. It could be near the street, in your garage or even under your house. Once you know where it is then you can get a meter key to help you shut of the valve. You should also have a meter key for your gas line in your kit as well. Next we talked about X-treme Tape. This is a tape that sticks to itself, creates a water-tight seal and can stop most leaks for quite awhile. To perform simple repairs to most pipes we talked about SharkBite fittings. These fittings are pressure sealed once you use them and are a permanent repair for most jobs. You can use the SharkBite fittings with flexible PEX pipe for jobs that need a bigger repair. Next we looked at tools for drain clogs. The first one was a pressure valve that uses water pressure to force the clog away instead of using chemicals. The other tool was a Closet Auger. This is a mini-snake that is easier to use and easier to store.

Hard Countertop Choices

In the past we looked at the less expensive countertops that you can chose to have in your kitchen or bath. This week we met up with Fabio at the Parr Cabinet Outlet (503-614-2655) again to chat about granite, man made stone and other options for the homeowner. We started with the granite tile. This is granite, but because it is tile it can be a little cheaper than you would normally pay for a stone countertop. You can use this type of stone anywhere. Floors, baths, kitchens, pretty much anyplace you want a decorative surface that will last. You can find it in many colors and sizes. Next we looked at the new quartz countertops. This is 95% natural quartz and 5% man made. It is popular because of the consistency in color. With all natural stone, you never know what you are going to get. The natural stone can change as the stone changes. The newer stone is called ‘engineered’ stone. One of the other choices is Corian. This is a plastic based countertop and it is designed to handle just about everything. You can cut on it and even place hot pans on it. It can even handle the toughest of cleaning products.



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