With all the rain we have had in the past month or so you may wonder why we are focusing on water efficiency in this week's show. It is all about doing what is right... OK, it is about saving money too! We will soon be in the dry months of the year and as the population increases that means more people using the resources and putting a strain on the system. So even though it may seem wet, we still should do our part; and doing your part has never been so easy.

Strawberry Salsa

'Tis the season of the strawberry and you can't let the it pass without a recipe using these tasty berries. David joined Stacy at French Prairie Gardens (503-633-8445) to show her a simple recipe that can be used on any meat, hot or cold. Before we started, we saw how they use strawberries at the farm. Their bakery is busy most of the year and during strawberry time it is cranking out strawberry donuts, scones, and muffins. You will also find strawberry jam and fresh strawberries through the end of June. David decided to do something different, a savory salsa. He came up with 2 versions on the same theme. One was a salsa for pork that had pineapple and the other was a salsa for chicken that contained avocado. You can find the meats and most of the fresh ingredients at the farm. Once the ingredients were chopped up, the mixing took no time and all and the taste was fantastic! If you would like to try your hand at making this recipe you can click here. This weekend is a great time to come out and pick up some strawberries. French Prairie Gardens is having their Berries, Brews and Bar-b-que event. For $3 you can have a great time sampling, enjoying activities for the whole family and enjoying the farm atmosphere. For more information you can check out their website.

Tuesday Morning Dad's Day Gifts

Father's Day started in 1909 in Spokane, Washington and became a national holiday in 1972. In the past 100 years it has become a wonderful time to remember and spend time with your dad. Still, good old dad can be one of the toughest people to buy a gift for. We met up with Ross from Tuesday Morning (503-699-8954) to check out some of his suggestions for gifts for the dad in your life. We started with a sport's theme. There are golf kits which have an assortment of golf items and even golf balls personalized with their favorite sports team. There is always jewelry too. We saw some watches that were beautiful and inexpensive. Some of the watches normally start at $400 and they were only $49. Another idea is a video camera; they had a portable one that can record up to one hour of footage on a hard drive that can be downloaded to your computer. Tools are another good idea. Tuesday Morning has a portable tool kit. This one had 147 pieces and was under $20. Other items included shower speakers, luggage, wallets and binoculars. The gift that really caught David's eye was the Bar-b-que grill for less than $100. Other cooking items included a cooking tray with a basting brush and selected sauces. There was so much more to choose from that we were overwhelmed. If you are looking for a gift, we are pretty sure you can find something at Tuesday Morning. They have 13 locations in Oregon and SW Washington.

Water Efficient Toilets

One of the appliances that use the most water in your home is the toilet. But you can help put a dent in your water usage with a new high efficiency toilet from George Morlan Plumbing (503-224-7000). Dave Charvet joined us to show us the evolution of the water efficient toilet. If you have an older toilet you could be using up to 5 to 7 gallons of water per flush. The newer toilet can bring that amount down to 1.28 gallons per flush; a big difference in water and money savings. These toilets are designed to use the smaller amount of water and still get the job done. But that isn't the most efficient model available. Toto Toilets has designed a dual-flush system that uses a smaller amount of water for liquid waste and a larger amount of water for solid waste. This type of toilet is so efficient that it is rated as a 'Water Sense' appliance and that can qualify you for a lot of rebates. These new toilets can save you THOUSANDS of gallons over the life of the toilet! Check with your tax advisor and your local water provider to see what types of programs may apply. For answers to all your toilet and plumbing questions, stop by your local George Morlan location.

Foggy Windows

With the sun returning we are tending to look out our windows more. The sunny days are a welcome break. Still while we are checking out the view we may notice that the view isn't as clear as it once was. With age even the best windows may get foggy. We stopped by Champion Windows (503-624-2678) to learn about what causes this problem and how to fix it. John showed us how the seal can fail on a sealed window and that will let in moisture. The moisture and dirt will discolor and fog the window over time. John told us that you can take the window to an expert and have it fixed, but the cost may be prohibitive. It may be more expensive than buying a new window. Getting a new replacement window is the best thing to do. You will get a better window that will probably be more energy efficient and you could apply for new tax credits or discounts. Check with the experts at Champion to get a clear view and more information.

Summer Camp Packing

With summer right around the corner it may be getting close to camping time for your kids. For some, that means a lot of excitement, for others it just stirs up a lot of stress. How to get your kids ready for camping and keep your sanity can be hard to do. Dan from The Container Store (503-620-5700) shared some tips that will make the whole process easier. The key is to have a plan and include your kids in the process. Make a check list of what you need to pack. Check with the camp to see what they require and forbid. If they don't have a list you can find one at The Container Store. The next thing, label! Label everything. From toiletries, to clothing you need to make sure things are labeled. Not only will it help in packing and identifying your stuff, it will also make sure that all that stuff makes it home too. Use either a laundry marker or a P-Touch to make sure you get everything. Make sure you include a laundry bag so they can have something for the dirty stuff or if the camp has a laundry service. Get a caddie to carry their toiletries to and from the bathroom. A pair of flip-flops are also a good idea in case they have to shower in a 'rustic' bathroom. Include a notebook or diary so they can record their thoughts and memories, and include a folder with self addressed and stamped envelopes so they can drop you a note while they are away. Finally, where to put all this stuff? Dan recommends a trunk. A suitcase may not have enough room and a duffle is too soft and may not protect everything you pack. A trunk, either wood or waterproof plastic is the best solution. Just make sure that it can be locked and that your child loves it. If the thought of packing still has you stressed, you can get all the help you need at The Container Store.

Kitchen Water Savings

The kitchen, bathroom and laundry room are the areas where people use the most water. We found that there are ways that you can cut your water use significantly. Jim from the Regional Water Providers Consortium showed use how save water and money in the kitchen. The first thing he replaced was the aerator in the sink. The aerator adds air to the water flow and that can make your water taste better. It also filters out debris from the pipes and water system. By using a water efficient aerator you could save around a gallon a minute when you use your sink. Jim's also had a shut-off valve so you can save even more. Then we moved to the dishwasher. Some people believe that they can save water by washing their dishes by hand. But if you take longer than 4 or 5 minutes to do your dishes you are wasting water. A dishwasher can be much more efficient than washing by hand. Plus the newer models of dishwashers do a better job of washing dishes and getting them clean! For more water saving tips, check out the website, www.conserveh2o.org. On the website you will find more tips and a calendar that can tell you when they are having a water saving seminar in your area.



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