These cool mornings are perfect. We are getting our chores done early and then when the sun breaks out, we head outside for some summer fun. This is perfect weather for work and play! We have had a tough year, weather-wise, but that is no excuse to not enjoy these wonderful summer days, even if they are not as warm as we would want! We are a month away from the start of school and so get out and enjoy these next few weeks. Remember, we will always have the projects on our website and the links to the videos when you get the energy to tackle those projects again.

Designing with Color

Once again we visited with designer Kimberlee Jaynes of Kimberlee Jaynes Interior Designs (503-407-9525) at her favorite paint store, Kaleidoscope Paints in SE Portland to talk about using color in design. Kimberlee told us that most people start with paint as a first step when it should be the last step in designing a room. Kimberlee told us that she starts with a favorite painting or area rug. This gives her a wider range of colors to choose from when she starts her design. That favorite piece will give her the background for all her choices, from upholstery to throw pillows. She also showed us how artwork and contrasting colors can really pop in a room. Kimberlee also used some different, subtler tones that helped make the transition from outside colors to her inside design; to that palette she also added some reds to make a striking statement. The main thing to think about when designing your room is how it looks to you. If it speaks to you, then you will love it in the end!

Shady Looks

Your indoor lamps are one of the most over looked décor items in your house. As you paint and decorate you just move them from one room to another and miss the decorating possibilities that they offer. To help give you some ideas we traveled to Naomi's Lampshades (503-636-1884) in Lake Grove. Bea Searles is the owner and she brought out a couple of lamps to demonstrate. She made a quick change to one lamp that gave it a fresh new look. But the problem was the height of the new shade; it was sitting too low on the lamp so all she did was change the 'harp'. The harp is the metal loop that goes around the light bulb to protect it and creates the structure to attach the shade to. The fitting of the harp is very important when changing the shade. Bea recommends that you bring your lamp into the store when you are looking for a new shade so you can see how the shade fits. You can even change the look by changing the finial which is the part at the top of the lamp. For more tips you can check out their website, or visit them on Boones Ferry Road in the Lake Grove/Lake Oswego area.

Beer and Whiskey Pairings

'Gimme a shot with a beer chaser'... that is the cliché you hear when beer and whiskey are paired together. We found a place where that phrase has a different meaning. Produce Row Café (503-232-8355) in SE Portland is now offering these two beverages in some interesting combinations. Alan Davis, the owner of the café told us that the whiskey-beer pairing program was launched last year with the assistance of one of the world's leading whiskey experts, Stuart Ramsey, and puts together the best in both classes to create an innovative pairing menu that's a terrific way to sample the best in class of both beverages. There are some pairings that are a battle of tastes, with strong flavors wrestling for your taste buds, while others are subtle and sweet when enjoyed together. Of the 2 pairings that we tried we had 'The Schooner' which was Full Sail Ltd. 03 and Forty Creek Barrel Select whiskey and 'The Pale Rider' with Terminal Gravity IPA and Blanton's Single Barrel Whiskey. The first one was smooth and a little sweet. The second pairing was a bolder pairing with 2 very strong tastes. If you are a Whiskey or beer fan this was a very interesting way to taste the differences and similarities of these two classic drinks. If you would like to try the pairings stop by the newly redesigned Produce Row Café and have a sip.

Mr. Mom's Spinach Salad

In the past we visited with Mr. Mom and learned some tasty and easy recipes. Mr. Mom is Dave Lilja and he has put together a great cookbook; 'Mr. Mom's Favorite Family Meals' (303-800-1603). Today he joined us at the NW Natural Appliance Center (503-220-2362) to show us a quick and easy salad. We started with a pre-washed package of spinach (or you could use any salad greens). Then we crumbled some goat cheese over the top. Any kind of cheese would work; feta is a good choice as well. We then added toasted walnuts which were toasted in an oven for 3-5 minutes until they were lightly browned. For the dressing we mixed about ½ cup of olive oil and ½ cup of balsamic vinegar (don't use red wine vinegar) and a teaspoon of cinnamon in a squirt bottle and shook it up. The squirt bottle helps keep the dressing under control when you pour it on your salad. The salad is ready to serve! You can add more vegetables or other ingredients if you want, but this recipe is ready to stand on its own. If you would like to try this recipe with avocado, chicken and feta, click here.

Parr Doors and Windows

With all the choices out there it is easy to become overwhelmed with picking out a new door or window. There is one place where you can see a large selection of doors and windows with the experts to help you make the right decision. Parr Lumber (503-645-7425) has opened a showroom filled with a wide variety of doors and windows from a number of manufacturers. They represent many different styles and price points. Chris Erskine took us around the showroom to show us how many different choices there are. We started with vinyl windows. Vinyl windows are not new to the market, but some of the features and styles are. Newer styles of vinyl windows can fit into any décor and they are a good basic replacement for old aluminum or single pane wood windows. You will notice a big difference in your energy bills if you replace with a vinyl window. Still, if you like the look of wood, you won't be left out in the cold. There are some manufacturers that are now producing hybrid windows with wood interiors and vinyl exteriors. These are the best of both worlds, with the beauty of wood combined with the energy efficiency of vinyl. You can also choose the type of glass you want too. One manufacturer offers over 25 different styles of glass alone, so you don't have to just get the regular clear glass.

Next we moved to doors. When you drive up to someone's house one of the first things you see is the front door. Having a nice front door has become very important for 'curb appeal' and for resale, but also for the livability of your home. Style has become a very important factor for the homeowner. The main choices you have for a front door are wood fiberglass or steel. We saw a cool door that was made of fiberglass but was textured like wood. It can be stained to match your home décor and it won't dent, warp, fade or scratch. Chris called it the perfect door. If you would like to find your 'perfect' door or window, a stop at Parr is a must.



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