We are definitely into fall. The leaves on the trees donít lie! And with all of the apple festivals happening around the area we thought it would be good to share Davidís Apple pie recipe! After you have had this tasty treat you should have the energy to tackle the other projects around the house like your window coverings, cleaning your gutters and cooking a great dinner! Good Luck!

Kid Painting

Here is an idea for a piece of art that can also be a family heirloom. We met with Linda Gemal of Rejuvenate Your Home (503-803-8000) to see how she had her kids make a wonderful painting for their family room. She first had her kids make a drawing of a scene they wanted to paint. Then she went to the art store and picked up a canvas that would fit the space on the wall that she wanted to fill. She also picked up some nice bright acrylic paints. These are better for kids because they are easier and cleaner to use. You can also pick up some cheap brushes of different sizes to use. Put some coverings down and let them go at it! Of course Linda had them add a couple of features for her. She asked them to use their hand prints and foot prints on the painting so they had a memento of the kids in the painting as well. You can easily copy this for your own home and you will have a custom piece of art that your family will treasure.

Cascade Window Coverings

We visited Cascade Flooring America (800-942-0376) in Vancouver to learn aboutÖ window coverings! Thatís right; Cascade had so many requests from customers that they hired a Hunter-Douglas window expert, Jim, to help customers make the right choices on picking out window coverings. Choosing a new window covering can be a daunting task, because there are so many choices. Some of those choices can now save you a lot of money, too. Jim showed us how you can get up to a $1,500 tax credit on certain styles of window coverings. Not only can you enjoy great energy savings, but you can also pick window treatments that will complement any dťcor. Jim also showed us how you can enjoy other benefits such as light control and privacy. If you are looking to make a change to your window coverings, you need to make the short trip to Vancouver and visit Jim, Sunny and all the Cascade Flooring America staff for help.

Apple Pie

What is more ĎAll-Americaní than a good apple pie? And at this time of year you are going to see a lot more apples in the stores as they come into season. David and Robin walked us through the process of doing an apple pie step-by-step. First, David had his ingredients for his crust set out. There was flour, sugar and salt that were added a food processor and quickly mixed. You can also us a pastry cutter to mix your ingredients as well, but donít use your hands. The reason for that is because it doesnít work as well and it will warm up your ingredients. You will be adding chilled butter and shortening next. These need to stay chilled because you donít want them to melt and the chilled pieces make for a better consistency in your crust. You will add these pieces to the processor and lightly mix them until you get a cornmeal-like consistency. Add a little chilled water and mix that in until you can make a ball out of it. You donít want too much water and have it too mushy. Make 2 balls of dough that are equal sized and put them in the fridge for about an hour or so.

Now is a good time to peel and slice your apples. David likes to use an apple that has a little tartness and firmness to it. He used a Granny Smith apple for this pie, but you can use just about any type of apple. Mix about 5-6 cups of sliced apples in a bowl with sugar, flour, cinnamon and a dash of nutmeg.


Next we rolled out the dough. David rolled it out by using 2 sheets of wax paper. You can use just about anything, but this was the best for transferring it to the pie plate. He started rolling from the center out, and kept it to a minimum so he wouldnít heat up his butter and shortening. He placed the dough in the pie plate, added his apple mixture and put a few chunks of butter on top. Then he covered the top with his other rolled out dough, crimped the edges, made vent holes in the top and placed foil on the edges to prevent burning. Finally he placed the pie on a cookie sheet to prevent any possible boil-over from making a mess in the oven. It turned out great! If you would like to try this recipe on your own, check out the video and get the step-by-step instructions by clicking here.

Terra Casa Cooking Gadgets

Cooking should be fun and easy. Having the right tools in the kitchen can accomplish both of those requirements. We stopped by Terra Casa (503-577-8242) in Damascus to see the latest in time saving gadgets that are also fun to use! Kathii met with David to show him a couple of really cool tools. We started with the Swiss made Nuscup measuring tool. This gadget can be adjusted to measure just about any small amount for your favorite recipe. Another benefit is that it can be mounted on your refrigerator with the little magnet on the back. Next we went to the new style of cheese knife. But this is not your ordinary cheese knife; this one can cut through the hardest of cheeses without a struggle. The blade even looks different; it is made out of resin and has ridges to keep the cheese from sticking to the blade. The next knife we saw was the Kyocera knife. This knife is not a steel blade knife either, but it can really slice! It is sharp and it stays sharp too! Finally we tackled garlic. Dealing with garlic can be messy and smelly, but Kathii had 2 tools to help conquer that problem. The first tool helped get the peel off the garlic by simply rolling the cloves in this little rubber mat. The second tool chopped the garlic by using the Garlic Zoom. You just put the garlic in the little Zoom and roll it back and forth to get finely chopped garlic. If you need to make your kitchen more efficient, check out some of these tools at Terra Casa.



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