As you are reading this you probably have realized that the Fusion show is not on the air this weekend. In case you missed it, we are on our annual break right now. We just finished our second season and will be off the air until March 5th of 2011. We want to thank our sponsors who allow us to be on the air during 9 months of the year. We hope that you will visit our sponsors and thank them for their support. Of course we want to reward you for checking the website, so enjoy some of our favorite segments below… We will keep posting these ‘favorites’ so keep checking in for new information each week.

This week we are featuring...


Handmade Rugs


Choosing a hand made rug is not as expensive as you think. And these rugs are not as delicate as you think either. We stopped by Rugs on Broadway (503-719-5544) to learn more about these functional ‘works of art’ from Moe. Before we even started taping the story Moe had us sit down and watch a video of how the rugs are made. The amount of craftsmanship that goes into even the smallest of rugs is incredible. For the individual dyes that are made and used to the type of designs and yarns, each is a master piece. An 8x12 rug can take from 8 months up to 3 years to make! What was really surprising was the cost. You can get a ‘hand-tied’ rug for roughly the same price as a machine made rug. A handmade rug is far superior to a machine made rug and with the proper care it can be handed down for generations. The other misconception about these rugs is that they can’t handle the wear and tear of a normal household. Moe told us the story about how some of the rigs used to be put out in the road for cars to drive over. This helped the rug and the knots get ‘conditioned’ and made the rug more soft and pliable. To learn more about these beautiful pieces of art stop by and visit the friendly staff at Rugs on Broadway!

Cleaning Your Countertops


You have spent the money to buy and install those new counter tops in your kitchen or bathroom, now you need to protect that investment by use the correct cleaners and techniques to clean them. Fabio from Parr Cabinet Outlet (503-614-2655) joined us to fill us in on the best products. The first top we looked at was Corian. This type of material can be cleaned with the harshest of cleaners because it is a non-porous, single material countertop. It is used in restaurants and hospitals because of that. Granite countertops used to be difficult to clean, but have become much easier. Newer granite styles come with a lifetime sealer that can protect your countertops if cleaned correctly. Don’t use a highly acidic cleaner or bleach and you should be fine. You will also want to reseal the granite about every 2-3 years. It is not a hard process to reseal these either. It is a 2-step process that can be done in a half hour. Laminate countertops can be damaged very easily, so you will want to be very careful when cleaning these. Do not use acidic cleaners or bleach. Soap and water or a ‘Windex’ type of cleaner are the best for this countertop. Laminate is just compressed paper, so you will want to avoid placing hot pans on it too.


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